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Panocean Group and its experienced professionals offer a wide range of services to fulfill your requirement


We provide incorporation or provision of Hong Kong and offshore limited companies. We also have a network of associated agents covering other jurisdictions. List of ready-made companies for immediate use and more information can be provided upon request.

Subject to the change of Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Chapter 32 effective on 13th February 2004, under Sections 114AA and 153A(1) that sole member or sole director of the company is permitted.

Company Registration in China and Singapore

We work in close co-operation with law firms in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore for the registration of companies. Details can be provided upon request.

Offshore Company Incorporations

Directly deal with local agents for registration, incorporation and corporate secretarial services for Anguilla, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Samoa, Seychelles and Singapore etc.

Corporate Secretarial Services

According to the Companies Ordinance Section 154(2), every limited company registered in Hong Kong must have a local Company Secretary, either a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong corporation. The secretary will have the duty to update the statutory records of the company, preparation of minutes and annual return; filing the specific documents timely, correspondence with government bodies; arranging for the change of company name, change of directorship, change of address, transfer of share(s); registration of increase capital, allotment of share(s) and issuing of share certificate(s) etc.

Registered Office

According to the Companies Ordinance Section 92(1), every limited company registered in Hong Kong must have a physical address as required by law. It is usually a place where the company is required to keep its statutory books and records and which all communications and notices may be addressed. The company name will be displayed in our reception area. When documents are served on the company, client will receive phone call/notice and/or forwarding of the same by mail/by fax/by email of which we are duly instructed.

Opening of Bank Account

Assistance in setting up the company’s bank account. Preparing for banking resolution together with all DOCUMENTS CHECKLIST REQUIRED FROM BANK and arrange schedule of meeting with specific Bank.

Accounting and Audit

We provide computerized maintenance of accounting records, preparation of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. We have a team of experienced account clerks and in-house auditor to give advice on taxation for both corporation and individual and provide filing of profits/individual tax return to Inland Revenue Department accordingly. We can also act as the tax representative on behalf of clients for the corporate tax and personal income tax.

Nominee Services

Whenever the beneficiary owner is resident overseas or does not want its interest to be on record, we provide nominee shareholder service. Its protection is created by entering into a Nominee Shareholding Agreement. In the case of investment companies (not trading companies), our nominee company may also consent to act as the director of the company if required. In such circumstance, the company and its promoters are required to indemnity us against any liability of our nominee company in its acting as the director.

Striking off/De-registration

We provide full-range of consultation and technical assistance in all aspects of the striking off/de-registration of companies from initiation to completion.

Trade-Mark Application

Conducting trade mark search; providing pre-registration advice, arranging filing trade mark application to Trade Mark Registry, Intellectual Property Department accordingly. Advising examiner’s report and responding thereto, renewing registered trade mark.


Legalization Document

As per client’s request, we can arrange relevant documents to be certified, legalized or notarized by a Lawyer/CPA or a Notary Public for their need.