Ready-made Company Hong Kong

Ready-made/Shelf company

As an alternative to choosing a name and incorporating a company from scratch, it is possible to purchase a ready-made/shelf company. This is particularly useful where a company is needed urgently. We keep a stock of shelf companies at all times for your immediate use. The name of such a company can easily be changed at a later date if required.


Private limited companies incorporated in Hong Kong are required by law to have at least one shareholder, one director, local registered office and a local company secretary. The director(s), shareholder(s) & secretary can be either companies or individuals with no limitation of nationality but only the secretary must be resident in Hong Kong or a Hong Kong limited company. We can provide secretary if required by you.

Director and Shareholder

Limited Company registered in Hong Kong is permitted to have sole director and sole shareholder. There is no restriction on their nationality but director must attain the age of 18 years.

Company Secretary Requirement

Every company must have a local company secretary but sole director cannot act as both. If the secretary is an individual, ordinarily reside in Hong Kong; if a body corporate, have its registered office located in Hong Kong.

Registered Office Requirement

Each company incorporated in Hong Kong must have a local registered office. ‘Care of’ address and post office box number are not acceptable. It is usually the place where the company is required to keep its statutory books and records. The registered office of a company need not however be the place where the company carries on business. We can maintain our office as the registered office of a company should that be required.

General Note

Please note that the above are only the general guidance and they do not constitute any legal liability for inaccuracy information. They are only some reference to those who may have some interest to set up a company in Hong Kong. If you require further clarification of any matter or wish to discuss company incorporation and management in Hong Kong in details, we will be happy to assist.