BVI Company Registration

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Advantages of Incorporating in the BVI

All the players in the BVI, whether it is the government, the law firms, the accounting firms, or other service providers, are constantly working together to make the BVI the offshore financial centre of choice.

By incorporating in the BVI, a company gains a wide range of competitive advantages, which includes:

- Exemption from all local taxes and stamp duty.

- Asset security - the ability to transfer domicile; protect assets from expropriation or confiscation orders from foreign Governments; transfer assets to another company, trust, foundation, association or partnership; merge or consolidate with any other BVI or foreign company in accommodating jurisdictions.

- Maximum confidentiality and anonymity - no requirements to file organizational or accounting information with the Registrar of Corporate Affairs.

- Statuary flexibility in filing Registers of Directors or Members at their own option and in de-registering at any time. This facilitates an appropriate balance combining anonymity with the option to file such business information as determined by the business needs of the BC.

- Ease of operation, maintenance and control – BC’s can:

  • Re-acquire and re-issue their own shares;
  • Issue shares for consideration other than cash, with or without par value, denominated in any currency;
  • Have only one subscriber and thereafter only one shareholder;
  • Have a single directorate’;
  • Have corporate directors or shareholders;
  • Hold shareholders’ or directors’ meetings, and maintain books of accounts, records and minutes outside the BVI.

- No statutory requirement to hold annual general meetings.

- Incorporations within one or two days

- Excellent and flexible post-incorporation follow-up services.

- Customized certificate and document verification geared to meet the unique business needs of individual BC’s.

- No disclosure or minimum capital requirements.

- Highly competitive fees and costs.

General Note

Please note that the above are only the general guidance and they do not constitute any legal liability for inaccuracy information. They are only some reference to those who may have some interest to set up a company in British Virgin Islands. If you require further clarification of any matter or wish to discuss company incorporation in details, we will be happy to assist.